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What is Alpha all about ?
Alpha's History
This is just a short summary of how this entire thing has started, and where we came from. Alpha clan originally started when 3 friends that played together for a long time on their own server decided thta maybe it would be a good idea to start a clan and form something more official. We've had multiple servers running and they were quite popular so when the idea came to life, it seemed almost logical to do just that.

In November of 2007 Slayer has decided to make a little website and put the links to it in our console messages ( which are still there ) and out of nowhere member applications started flooding in. Over the time we've got a lot of good people on our side, and a lot of them offered more to the clan then we could ask. The organization started to take off and before you know it we had a handfull of skillfull people that shared the same love for the game that we all have.

Alpha clan was developed as a place for people that simply enjoy Urban Terror and like playing with their friends, nothing more nothing less. We are all a very tight group and we like to get together and unwind after a busy day by killing the living hell out of each other. Of course the way clans go there eventually was a need for a competitive edge and we are now forming a team that will compete in ladder matches against other clans and servers. |ALPHA|Nigel and |ALPHA|Cookies have been put in charge of that project and soon we are hoping to have a full pledged team of ruthless fraggers.

Over the last couple of weeks this new website has been under development thanks to CCCP ( shameless plug ! ) and it's finally coming together. The merge from our old site was pretty painfull but we are hoping that in the end everyone will be happy with the way things have turned out and are improving. There is no limit for this clan as far as any of us are concerned and we are always trying to push the envelope and come up with new ideas and projects be it in the game, on the forums, on the site or wherever else. Currently we are planning to provide server status hosting services for those that cannot afford or have time to run their own server status page. Our lead developer |ALPHA|Mazter is the one that makes all the coding magic happens, so "In Mazter We Trust !".

It's been a short journey, but we are looking forward to expanding our team and meeting new people. Sky is the limit. We've been around the block a few times and have met a lot of nice folks, a lot of them became members or stayed close friends who still play with us on our servers. If you'd like to join our tight family of people, feel free to fill our a request form "Contact Recruiter" located to the left of this post. Either Slayer or StrayCat will then contact you with some basic questions and you'll be given a date and time to appear for a tryout game. There you will meet some of the other Alpha memebers and perhaps you'll join our circle !

That's it, short and sweet and to the point ! If you are one of the people that plays on our servers, thanks for your support, hope you enjoy the game and don't forget to donate for the good cause ! Happy fragging !

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