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2022/12/04: One More Server Move

Nothing much to report except that we've moved to yet another server. Sadly the forums are gone for now, I hope you downloaded your favorite frags years ago. It remains to be seen if we actually put up a game server again. Keep your fingers crossed, but don't get your hopes up? In any case, we're still here.

Oh, |ALPHA| is also on Discord now! I would guess that if you're supposed to be there, OHMEGA probably dragged you in already?

|ALPHA|MadProfessor (Chief Plumbing Officer)

2017/02/16: Still Hanging On

"What the...? How could...? Damn!" Yes, they are still around. They are still watching the UrT world from their perch high up on the mountain of glories-gone-by. They may be retired, but they have a decent stash of cigars and whiskey. And ammo. Alright kids, just keep on fragging! We'll keep on watching, smiling down on y'all benevolently when we're not too busy laughing our asses off. gg!

|ALPHA|MadProfessor (Chief Plumbing Officer)

2013/09/28: For Immediate Release

Server upgrade! We're now cooking on an over-powered oven with eight cores, 1+ GB of RAM, and 70+ GB of disk. We might even run a game server again if things pan out, but that will be mostly up to |ALPHA|mission of course.

It's true, neither |ALPHA| nor Urban Terror are making headlines these days, but we're still holding on. Mostly to annoy the shit out of a few assholes that almost everybody out there has forgotten by now, but we still care to outlast them anyway.

|ALPHA|MadProfessor (Chief Plumbing Officer)

2012/01/27: For Immediate Release

Who would've thunk it? We're actually playing in FTW Season 6, we have a Bomb server again, we're about to have a new competition server, and even the member list is growing. Go |ALPHA| is about all there is to say...

|ALPHA|MadProfessor (Chief Plumbing Officer)

2012/01/08: For Immediate Release

The |ALPHA| Gaming Network is taking a well-deserved break of sorts. The old forums are still up if you want to take a peek and we even have our TeamSpeak3 server running if you care to hang with us. However, we do not currently operate any game servers and we do not currently accept new members. We might accept an old member or two... :-)

We are slowly cooking up a plan for the future, but we're not in a rush. Dominating the gaming world has never been our agenda (well, except for that one time when that one dude was a co-leader; he was on and on about how we'll dominate everything, but luckily he left). We are all about having fun and hanging with good friends instead, what a concept!

In the meantime, why don't you enjoy the game servers run by all the up-and-coming clans who still have something to prove? We got mad love for 1up if you must know...

|ALPHA|mission (Leader)
|ALPHA|MadProfessor (Chief Plumbing Officer)

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